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Realm Defense Tips, Tricks and cheats: 5 Hints You Have to Know

The forces of evil are unyielding in the onslaught of theirs and it's just a situation of time before they take control of the world. It's up to you and the group of yours of heroes to defend the planet in Realm Defense. This particular tower defense game for iOS and Android allows heroes are commanded by you as well as create towers to protect the ground through the new enemy waves. The hordes of enemy obtain stronger with each point. You are going to need to rely on our Realm Defense strategy guide to make sure you are from becoming bogged down by the limitless enemy attacks!

1. Place Towers In Key Points

As soon as the original map is entered by you, you are going to see that you are able to only build towers in a few points. But there are several points for you to create towers spread throughout the map and also you are able to choose which points to work with. You do not have to fill all of the areas with towers, however. It's better to place towers in crucial areas. Otherwise you are going to find yourself scrambling for materials as the opponents just glide across the map.

2. Upgrade The Towers of yours

When you've determined that points would make the very best places for building towers, concentrate on upgrading the towers on those areas. Don't waste time as well as resources adding needless towers. Stronger towers in the proper spots are all you have to win every round. When you've way too busy the towers and you will still have enough time as well as resources left, then you're free to fill up the remainder of the map as you want.

3. Do not Hesitate In order to Make Difficult Choices

There'll be stages wherein you've previously purchased placing towers but understand that opponents continue to be getting through. During those times you are going to have to make the hard choice to tear down the towers you currently have to replace them with better towers. You are going to have making this choice rapidly as really precious time you waste hesitating, really enemies will have the ability to get through. Learn to adjust to the circumstances. Remember that wasting a tower or 2 is much better than wasting the time of yours during a losing stage.

4. Recruit Heroes

Heroes add a little bit of spice for this tower defense game. You are able to put Heroes someplace on the map and so they are going to protect the spot that you assign to them. The down side of utilizing Heroes is actually they die if excessive damage is taken by them and won't be useful until the conclusion of the stage. You also can't give immediate instructions to them so that you are going to have to hope that they'll do their job correctly if you assign them to a spot.

5. Aim for An ideal Rating

At the conclusion of every stage, you'll receive a star rating. The top star rating that you are able to achieve is a 3 star rating. Always attempt to get three stars in each and every phase as you are going to get much better extra incentives for doing so. In case you forget to find a great rating during the first run of yours, just keep on trying similar stage until you learn it. Protect the land of yours from evil invaders. Just stick to our Realm Defense strategy guide to help make sure no enemy can end up with through the defenses of yours!

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